Our Board

The IHE Board is entrusted by our members with responsibility for the management and governance of the organisation.

The Board is currently made up of ten directors, most of whom are the leaders of IHE member institutions and are elected by the membership itself. There are also three additional Directors who are appointed to fulfil specific roles:

  • Honorary Treasurer (and Chair of the Finance and Resources Committee)
  • Independent Board Member (and Chair of the Governance and Nominations Committee)
  • Independent Student Board Member (and Chair of the Student Advisory Board)

While a majority of the Board will always be filled by the elected representatives of IHE member institutions, the Board itself may also appoint from time to time a number of additional members, including from outside of the independent sector, in order to benefit from their particular skills and expertise.

The Independent Student Board Member is appointed in a competitive process held every two years and must be either currently or recently enrolled at an IHE member institution at the time of appointment.

The Chairs of the two Committees are appointed on the basis of their relevant expertise in governance and financial matters respectively and they need not have direct experience of working or studying at an IHE member.

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