Student Advisory Board

Our Student Advisory Board (SAB) ensures IHE's decision making is always in the best interests of students at member institutions, helping to create a compelling and strong national student voice for independent providers of higher education.

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) is Chaired by the Independent Student Board Member, with members recruited by IHE through an open recruitment process, advertised to all IHE member institutions. Consideration is given to ensure diversity in terms of type of institution, subject of study, mode of study, and student demographics.

The SAB exists to:

  • Provide student feedback and perspectives to the IHE Board and wider team, to inform policy and decision-making
  • Give students at IHE member institutions a national voice
  • Support and inform the IHE Student Board Member, bringing perspectives from across IHE’s diverse members and student body
  • Provide feedback on a range of issues and consultations as requested by IHE, the Office for Students (OfS) or Department for Education (DfE)
  • Lead on and co-create projects and initiatives in the interests of students at IHE member institutions
  • Offer development and networking opportunities for IHE student representatives and governors.

Coole Insight Ltd provide secretarial support to the SAB and offer guidance, mentoring and development opportunities for SAB members during their time in office.

To find out more about joining the SAB, contact [email protected].

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