Member benefits

Our membership offering is continually evolving to reflect the needs of our members in an ever-changing political, sectoral, and operational landscape.

Key membership benefits include:

  • Representation

    We represent the interests of our members in regular bilateral meetings with Ministers, officials and policy makers, as well as contributing to cross-sector and Government standing committees and advisory groups.
  • Expert advice on policy and regulation

    We provide extensive advice and support in a range of policy, regulatory and operational areas, including Office for Students registration, quality assurance, data management, student feedback, corporate and academic governance, visas and immigration, and more.
  • Peer-led communities of practice

    Our growing number of professional networks and forums bring together special interest groups and member representatives working in specific roles. Chaired by member experts in their respective areas, these currently cover Access and Participation, Admissions, Careers and Employability, Digital Education, Finance, HR, Immigration Compliance, International Education, Marketing and Recruitment, Quality, Research and Innovation, Student Data, and Student Services.
  • Essential updates on policy, regulation and sector news

    We keep members up to date with all essential policy developments and any significant changes to the regulatory or operating environment.
  • Events and peer-to-peer networking opportunities

    Our members benefit from a broad range of events and webinars, providing access to key decision makers and influencers, IHE experts, partners, and ‘peer’ good practice.
  • Access to Launchpad

    A series of training sessions designed for new higher education providers and/or staff who are new to their roles in the sector. These unique resources offer the ideal introduction or refresher course on a growing range of topics.
  • Consultancy services

    Members needing more dedicated help in meeting their development and regulatory goals can access our in-house consultancy service, which is tailored to the needs of independent higher education providers and delivered by a network of trusted experts operating under our supervision and support.
  • Discounts

    Members benefit from a range of discounts on CPD training, workshops and seminars, as well as services from our commercial partners who are carefully selected for their relevance and value to independent providers. We also offer a special member rate for our Annual Conference, the largest conference exclusively for independent higher education providers.
  • Promotion

    We use our digital presence and engagement with key decision makers and influencers to raise the profile of our members.

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