London Professional Training College joins IHE

We are excited to welcome London Professional Training College (LPTC) to the IHE community.

Founded in 2020, London Professional Training College (LPTC) is an independent college located in White City.

The College’s core offer is a four-year BA Honours degree in Business Management with Foundation year, delivered in partnership with St Mary’s University and incorporating a workplace learning placement. LPTC also offers a range of short courses in business and management from Level 3 to 7.

With a focus on making education accessible to all, the College provides flexible options for learning to enable students to balance their timetable around other commitments. Many of the College’s students are from the communities that surround LPTC, including the boroughs of Brent, and Hammersmith and Fulham. As part of a broader commitment to diversity and inclusion, LPTC aims to encourage students to advance their academic qualifications and reach their career goals. 

IHE CEO, Alex Proudfoot, said:

"London Professional Training College is rooted in its local community and dedicated to supporting its mainly mature student population to access higher education and improve their career prospects. Like many IHE members, they are determined to make a difference, and we look forward to helping them realise this goal."

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 Like many IHE members, LPTC is rooted in its local community and determined to make a difference

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