IHE partners with Coole Insight

We are pleased to announce a new IHE partnership with Coole Insight, experts in student engagement and enabling student representation. We look forward to working with the Coole team to build a compelling and strong national student voice for independent providers of higher education. 

Our partnership with Coole has facilitated the formation of a Student Advisory Board (SAB), comprised of student representatives from IHE members. Working alongside their peers, members of the SAB will seek to influence HE policy development and shape decisions by taking part in discussions on topics that directly affect current students. 

Steve Coole, Founder and Director of Coole Insight, said:

I am absolutely delighted to join forces with the team at IHE with a view to creating a compelling and strong national student voice for independent higher education providers in the UK. The opportunity to develop the infrastructure and support for IHE to amplify the student voice in this space at a national level aligns perfectly with our passion for improving education quality, and our depth of experience within the team to co-create this with students and IHE members”.

To find out more about Coole Insight’s work, including their Student Officer Support Programme, visit their website.

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