CMA and Consumer Law Compliance

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has released new guidance for Higher Education Providers (31 May 2023) which looks to bring together both changes in consumer legislation and updates following their continued review of the higher education sector. CMA guidance is useful for all education providers offering courses 18+ as it is based in consumer legislation which applies equally to education services, regulated or unregulated.

We will be holding our new CMA Training for Higher Education Professionals, reflecting on the new guidance and providing a practical approach to implementing the changes in your institution. The new guidance includes new obligations for HE providers to:

  • explain the delivery model and location of courses,
  • ensure pre-contact information including that on websites and portals is accurate (they cannot contract out of this obligation)
  • notify students clearly of any changes pre-enrolment – and not in small print.
  • requiring new information where deferrals are implemented and to ensure they are fair.
  • stop requiring students to sign new terms and conditions at re-enrolment every year
  • create fair exclusion policies
  • make clear to students who they are contacting with in courses delivered in or awarded in partnership
  • and more…

The workshop will be led by Andrew Church, Associate at our commercial partner Pinsent Masons and alongside Andrea Robertson, Director at EdAd.

Providers registered with OfS are required to ensure they continue to be compliant with the CMA higher education guidance and keep up to date with changes. This event is designed to provide staff with the essential training needed to support their provider to meet this condition. Providers who are not registered with OfS remain required to comply with consumer legislation and are strongly encouraged to attend.

This workshop is for all staff who work in higher education providers and have responsibility for the management of areas under CMA guidance including marketing and recruitment, admissions, academic quality (course design and delivery) and complaints and appeals. A certificate of attendance will be provided to those who attend.

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This session is for Independent Higher Education members only. To book your ticket please click on the registration link and enter your institution's membership number when prompted to ENTER CODE. You will then be sent a confirmation email.

If you need any help finding your membership number or have further queries, please email: [email protected]

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