Launchpad and consultancy

Launchpad is a suite of tailored services for new providers in their start-up phase and for existing providers who are new to the regulated higher education sector and its processes. We also offer a bespoke consultancy service for providers who need more help in achieving their developmental and regulatory goals.

A Launchpad subscription gives providers access to expert advice from IHE staff and consultants, a large repository of tailored resources, and updates on important developments in the sector.

Launchpad Accelerate is a fast-track service to help providers wishing to apply for OfS registration within the next six months. It includes all components of Launchpad plus more advanced support, for example around achieving Degree Awarding Powers (DAPs).

IHE’s in-house consultancy service is exclusively for members and Launchpad subscribers. We understand how independent providers work, and what additional support they sometimes require to advance their institutional goals and thrive in the UK’s regulatory environment. We use this knowledge to work with trusted consultants to offer bespoke consultancy support and advice, which is completely confidential and competitively priced on a contract-per-project basis.

Our expert advisors and consultants have helped providers to achieve, amongst other things:

  • Register with the Office for Students (OfS) for access to student loans and other benefits in England
  • Switch OfS registration category to move between 'Approved' and 'Approved (fee cap)'
  • Secure validation for courses from a university partner
  • Prepare for attaining their own Degree Awarding Powers (DAPs)
  • Secure a Home Office (UKVI) licence for sponsoring international students
  • Review and strengthen thier academic and corporate governance
  • Bid for public grant funding from the OfS and other funding bodies
  • Make submissions to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)
  • Build their student community, engagement and representation
  • Enhance their students services and welfare
  • Improve their financial management, audit and tax affairs
  • Develop their commercial strategy and business processes

To find out more about Launchpad, Launchpad Accelerate and our consultancy services, please get in touch [email protected].


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