Raindance Film School

Raindance Film School is an accredited, professional institution steeped in independent spirit. Since 1992, Raindance has provided courses in filmmaking, screenwriting, acting, and other film-related topics, with a unique approach that emphasizes creative independence, allowing filmmakers to develop skills in a way that aligns with their own style and vision.

Students at Raindance enjoy mentor-based support, financial assistance, and unparalleled networking opportunities, all aimed at launching successful careers in the film industry. The goal is to nurture students' potential, whether they aspire to be the Next Big Thing in film or simply wish to delve into the world of film out of pure passion.

Beyond the film industry, the skills learned at Raindance are transferable to many other areas including project management and artistic development. Raindance is proud to foster an environment that fuels creativity, encourages exploration, and produces remarkable work.