The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology

The Dyson Institute aims to develop the best engineers in the world by combining rigorous academic programmes with work on future Dyson products and real responsibility from day one. Working and studying, learning and doing, while developing pioneering technologies and radical new designs. Not just an education, but the start of an accelerated Dyson career, with international opportunities to shape the future of engineering and innovation. 

Studying while working isn't easy, but with guidance from technical experts, passionate academics and our unparalleled range of support services, our focus is on enabling the success, wellbeing and development of our Undergraduate Engineers. With bespoke on campus facilities and a variety of clubs, societies and student committees to cultivate a truly welcoming and thriving community.

 A degree through the Dyson Institute provides a head start in a career at Dyson, and post-graduation we provide a seamless transition to the next step of a Dyson career, through individual progression pathways and mentorship.