Response to HESA post implementation consultation on Student record 22056

The 2022/23 Student record was a result of the Data Futures programme work and a major change to the sector. Whenever a major change is made to their records, Jisc will follow up with a post-implementation survey to refine the changes they made and make improvements for following years. 

HESA opened a post implementation consultation in January 2024 aimed at those staff members who are involved in the submission of Student data to Jisc, either directly by sending the data, or indirectly by collecting data which feeds in to the Student record. The survey questions were based on the vast amount of feedback from providers they had received already.

The consultation ran from 25 January 2024 to 23 February 2024.

HESA will summarise and publish representative, anonymised comments from the responses to this consultation on their website by summer 2024. This will include an explanation of any changes that will be made to future Student records to improve and refine the specification. 

Our response

IHE raised a number of structural challenges faced by members returning the 2022/23 Student record. These challenges influenced members’ experiences across the return, for example for providers running multiple cohorts or those offering shorter learning opportunities to students (courses that are 3, 6, or 9 months). 

We suggested specific actions to support a more efficient and less burdensome collection in the next academic year. This included the opportunity to facilitate a discussion between HESA and IHE members to find a more permanent solution to representing non-traditional delivery models.

IHE also gave feedback on areas including:

  • Tariff data quality from UCAS, noting that many IHE members recruit students directly, and not through UCAS.
  • Placement data, noting that IHE members have high volumes of placements and calling for improved guidance on placements.
  • HESA’s Data Platform, calling for improvements to functionality to aid submission.

Read our full response using the download link below. 

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