Celebrating IHE at 15

The story of IHE has been the story of the evolution, growth and innovation of the independent higher education sector. We are delighted to share 'IHE at 15', a report which reflects on the transformation of IHE from a fledgling membership association to the professional representative body of today.

In the first of what will become regular annual reports, we present an overview of our activity from 2022 to 2023 alongside some reflections and a celebration of 15 years of IHE. 

'IHE at 15' captures the breadth and depth of support IHE provides to the independent sector and reflects on the impact, influence and successes we have had in the context of our journey to this point. We were thrilled to celebrate the significant milestone of our 15th anniversary with members, friends and colleagues at the IHE Annual Conference and evening reception in November.

Our review of 2022-2023 represents just a snapshot of the work we do now. The work we do to support and represent members and their interests will evolve as we continue on our journey of growth. 

Alex Proudfoot, IHE’s Chief Executive, said:

"I am so proud of the sheer volume and breadth of work that IHE is able to deliver today, despite our modest size. Our dedicated team are always searching for new ways to support the uniquely special institutions in our membership and to maximise the benefits of participating in this growing community. We have been fortunate in our first 15 years to have had what I hope has been a real and positive impact on policy for the wider sector, which today is more open, diverse, flexible and innovative partly as a result of our work and of the fantastic example set by IHE members. It is their commitment to their students and to pushing the envelope past where higher education, industry and communities converge that will inspire the next chapter in our story. I am excited to begin."

Lord Jo Johnson, Universities Minister 2015-18 and 2019, said:

"I knew as Universities Minister that I could rely on Alex, Joy and the IHE team to offer fresh thinking, bold ideas and compelling evidence for change. Independent providers and challenger institutions in the UK could not ask for better champions than IHE.”

Nick Hillman, Director, HEPI, said:

“It has been wonderful to see Independent Higher Education mature and grow over the past 15 years. It was characteristically astute for the organisation to seek ‘representative body’ status, meaning it cannot be ignored in the corridors of power. As higher education continues to expand and grow, provision needs to become more diverse, to reflect the diversity of students, and IHE has been and will remain absolutely central to that goal.”

Dr Michelle Groves, Director of Education, Royal Academy of Dance, said:

“Since 2017 we have benefited enormously from the influence and expertise of IHE. The Royal Academy of Dance is proud to be a member of such a dynamic organisation, and to champion IHE’s mission, strategy and values for independent providers of higher education.”

IHE at 15

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The work we do to support and represent members and their interests will evolve as we continue on our journey of growth

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