While the whole world has faced the same elemental challenges over the last two years, the response of national governments has made us more aware than ever of physical distance and the borders which our sector in particular has become so used to crossing. Now, as concern for public health turns from coronaviruses to carbon emissions, the UK must grapple with the equal weight of global cooperation and global competition in shaping our economic future.

IHE members and new providers can add something new to the offer that UK education makes to the world, which has proven so popular for decades now. The natural advantages of flexible models and a focus on innovation are only magnified in such an unpredictable world, while the UK can realise great value in trading on its new pioneers of technology and digital learning.

IHE will continue to work with government, the sector and parliamentarians in order to help the UK to pivot to these more flexible models, and to expand the specialist vocational education and professional training which is most urgently needed by many of the world’s fastest-growing economies. In doing so, we will work to ensure that more opportunities are made available to SME providers, as well as to the larger and more established institutions, and we will help our members to build their presence across a wider range of international markets.

We will:

work to promote IHE values within the UK’s international education offer, by

  • placing the student journey at the heart of an enhanced international education strategy
  • raising the profile of technical education and professional training within UK exports
  • focusing on innovation and flexible learning with the APPG for International Students

build our international intelligence and capability, by

  • using our global networks to help monitor and maintain the UK’s competitive advantage
  • establishing closer relationships with IHE’s counterpart organisations in other countries
  • exploring member opportunities for international collaboration and exchange

enhance the support we offer members to unlock new markets for growth, by

  • working with government and sector partners to improve access to UK and international market analysis
  • connecting individual members with specific international market opportunities
  • advocating for more targeted government support for SMEs new to exporting education

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