Leiths School of Food and Wine

Leiths School of Food and Wine is a respected industry-leading cookery school offering professional chef diplomas and certified courses at the London school as well as in secondary level education from 10 years up to 18 years through Leiths Academy. Many Leiths courses are also available online with bespoke tutoring and feedback, including a specialist Duke of Edinburgh Award course.

Leiths was established in 1975 by Prue Leith and Caroline Waldegrave and has been launching successful careers in food and drink since then. Leiths train in the fundamental culinary techniques through a modern approach fitting with today’s ever evolving food scene. In addition to this, Leiths has an in-house recruitment agency, Leiths List, which places students in exciting businesses across all sectors of the food world from busy product start-ups, restaurants and magazines.

Leiths offers flexible learning paths to achieve culinary goals from part time professional courses, to a two or three term diploma; taught by by a deeply passionate team of culinary experts, and alongside guest chefs such as Ottolenghi and Atul Kochhar, students are guaranteed a comprehensive training.