Brit College

Brit College has delivered higher education programmes to mature students from disadvantaged backgrounds for the past 16 years. It has worked with various universities and awarding organisations. The College now offers a Level 5 Diploma in Business and a Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training.

It had many QAA reviews, some with "exceeding expectation" judgements. The College provides support for small groups of students, allowing them to receive support tailored to their needs. Students are free to express themselves informally to a team of supportive staff and management and formally through membership to the College's committee and governance structures.

Students select representatives who represent each class, cohort and campus at Staff-Student Liaison Meetings and meetings of the College Oversight Board and the Academic Board. As a result of student focus, the College received nominations and awards for student support, engagement and utilisation of online resources under one of the awarding organisations.